Our Services
Proactive Title Solutions is a full service title insurance  & closing  firm

Proactive Title Solutions performs full-service title and closing services for:

Commercial Properties

As a valued customer, we will help you prepare all items necessary for a successful closing. While doing this, we will travel wherever necessary to best meet your needs.

From ordering to closing, our experienced staff will answer any questions you may have about your transaction. We take a ProActive approach to your transaction.  Many unknowns can happen and we use our multi level experience to prevent problems and ensure a smooth transaction

With Proactive Title Solutions you will close with confidence.  The day of closing should be a good day, not a day of stress.  Let us take a ProActive approach and ensure things are done accurately and on time.  

ProActive Title Solutions employs only the most professional, courteous, knowledgeable closing agents. Take comfort in the knowledge that your closing is in good hands.

ProActive [proh-ak-tiv} {adjeactive}

Intending or intended to produce a good result or avoid a problem, rather than waiting until there is a problem. 

Title Insurance - Real Estate Closing Services 

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